Fred Fletcher - a past pupil and a governor of WHS

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Fred and Bet Lynch in a 1982 scene from Coronation street.
Fred's character:
Full name: Robert Whiteley
Parents: Thomas and Mary Whiteley
Married: Margaret Pearce
Children: Craig (m: Margaret Whiteley)
Played by: Freddie Fletcher
Appeared: 8 - 29 November 1982
A merchant seaman who, after his wife died, left his son Craig with his father Chalkie whilst he was at sea. In November 1982 he decided he had had enough of the sea and decided to settle down - in Australia, and he took his son with him.

A shot of Fred in the local area.
Fred lived in Mount Road, Grimethorpe and attended Brierley-Grimethorpe Secondary School (Willowgarth today), but he did not do much drama there. "The only acting I did was in the headmaster's office", he said.
When he left school he worked as a painter and decorater for a large firm. Then came "Kes". "I'm grateful to Kes, obviously, but Jud wasn't me. I'm not a bully and I don't even back horses. When Queenie's Castle came along, I was pleased it was a comedy."
At this point, Fred handed his notice in at Grimethorpe Colliery. In the series, Freddie played Raymond Shepherd, the eldest of Queenie's three layabout sons. His brothers were Bunny (Brian Marshall) and Douglas (Barrie Rutter). Alan Lake played their Uncle Jack, who lived with the family. Lynne Perrie was also in the series. She played the village busybody, Mrs. Petty. (Lynne will also be remembered for her role as Freddie's mother in Kes.) Check out this link:-
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Queenie's Castle (1970,1971,1972) ITV(YTV) by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
Diana Dors opened the Seventies with Queenie's Castle as the Yorkshire matriarch of a rough family living in a council flat. This TV sitcom was written by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall and was the ideal vehicle for her talents. Queenie was loud, common and determined to be herself and Dors revelled in the part.
Actors:- Diana Dors ( ), Freddie Fletcher, Barrie Rutter, Brian Marshall, Tony Caunter and Lynne Perrie
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The 1969 film Kes. Who could forget this film?
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Fred played a central character in this film.
According to British cinema's rite-of-passage movies, there are three ways for the Northern male teenager to react to the brutal macho culture in which he's being reared - to be crushed by it as in Ken Loach's Kes, to flee from it as in Stephen Daldry's forthcoming Billy Elliot (aka Dancer) or to embrace it as in John Hay's directorial debut There's Only One Jimmy Grimble. Kes was instrumental in blazing the trail.

Fred's wife Joy is pictured here in the entrance lobby of our school. She is also from the local area and is Willowgarth's Head of Non-Teaching. 

Other Fred References
►Governor, The (1996) TV Series .... Arnie Franks
►Brothers in Trouble (1996) .... Redway
►When Saturday Comes (1996) .... Judd
►Some Kind of Life (1995) .... Mr. Thompson
►Nature of the Beast (1988)
►Clouds of Glory: William and Dorothy (1978) (TV) .... Tom Hutchinson
►Juggernaut (1974) .... 2nd Radio Officer
►Queenie's Castle (1970) TV Series .... Raymond Shepherd
►Kes (1969) .... Jud Casper

Filmography as: Actor, Notable TV guest appearances

►"Peak Practice" (1993) playing "George Milton" in episode: "Tender" (episode # 3.2) 1995
►"Heartbeat" (1992) playing "Sam Carver" in episode: "Bitter Harvest" (episode # 2.4) 5/9/1993
►"GBH" (1991) playing "poacher Vic" in episode: "Only Here on a Message" (episode # 2) 6/13/1991
►"All Creatures Great and Small" (1978) playing "Bob Derrick" in episode: "Only One Woof" (episode # 4.6) 2/21/1988